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to INFEA - the specialist for powerful symbols.


Our work focuses on advising our customers on the many possibilities for the practical application of our powerful symbols to support inner growth and healing.

We meet our customers at numerous trade fairs or on the occasion of lectures and seminars.

In this shop we offer high-quality articles: symbol jewelry, sustainably produced textiles, books, therapy discs, wall decorations, lights, stickers, much from our own production and from Germany and its neighboring countries, also for resellers.

All items in the shop are made or selected with love for you. There is of course a small or large story to tell for all articles, which cannot be fully reproduced in the descriptions. If you would like to find out more about the articles or have any questions, simply call or write an email.

We are happy to help with special requests. We also take on contract manufacturing, please contact us.

By the way: we ship from € 50 value of goods to Germany and € 100 to Austria free shipping!

From € 25 we issue wonderful vouchers.

We have set up a separate area for resellers.

You can get to the beautiful products via the menu item at the top left or the following pictures, enjoy browsing ...

If you are a reseller you find your area here.

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